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Life Pro Tips - How to Never Get Bored Again List

How to Never Get Bored Again!

Sick of being bored?   Here’s a quick trick you should try right now!   The next time you’re busy at work wishing you were doing something else, make a list of the things you’d rather be doing. The next time you’re bored…   DO THEM ALL! =)   Here’s a great example of how to do this correctly: Cheers! Read more →

Life Pro Tip: How to get rid of a double chin

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin!

Gravity eventually wins.   Here’s a quick and easy workout for your face to help you get rid of that double chin! Do this for 30 seconds x3 everyday for 30 days and you’ll look like The Rock! =)   Here’s how it works: Cheers! Read more →

Life pro tips - how to decide on a great gift for a loved one

Trouble deciding on a Gift? Try this!

Having trouble deciding on a great gift idea for a loved one?   Try this: Tell them you already got them a gift and to guess what it is. Now you’ve got your list of great gift ideas (exactly what they want!) =)   Watch me try this on my Bro for his birthday. WORKED LIKE A CHARM! Hope this… Read more →

Valentines day han solo

Single? Date Yourself This Valentines Day.

  To all my singles on Valentines day. Today is YOUR day. Spoil and treat yourself better than Kanye would Kanye. Make today the greatest of them all!   Here’s a list of things you should do today: Look at all that money that’s still in your wallet! Booooyah! Smile. Moodiness and drama don’t exist today. HI FIVE! Play Destiny… Read more →

Change your perpective

Change Your Perspective

Having a bad day/life?   Well that’s an interesting perspective baby. Did you know you can change your mood and entire life by simply changing how you think about it?   Yup it’s on the internet, so it’s a scientific fact.   This really wise bro once said the following,   “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” -Buddha If… Read more →

10 tips to improve self esteem

10 Tips for Improving Your Self Esteem

I stumbled upon this video today and just HAD to share it. I’ve been spending a lot of timing building up some real juicy self confidence lately and I’ve noticed a lot of people suffer from a lot of the issues I do!   I really hope this video helps you and anyone else you think may need a boost… Read more →

It's important to see the positive in our most negative traits.

Seeing the Positive in Humanity’s Most Negative Traits

  I found this hilarious post on reddit a few weeks ago where a user asked,   “What are some of your worst traits and how could they be seen as positive?”   The responses were hilarious, insightful and encouraging! At one point or another we all beat our selves up about many of our perceived negative traits.. but are they… Read more →

Picture of quote - stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't even jump puddles for you

How To “Really” Get Over Your Ex

If you’re going through a breakup right now I’m going to start by giving you a big fat juicy digital hug.   *HUUUUUUGS*   Did you know breakups, public speaking and death are the 3 hardest things a human being will ever have to deal with? (besides world hunger and a lost iPhone) That being said, I have to give you… Read more →

Art Quote on Worrying and how it won't change the outcome.

How To Stop Worrying (in about 5 minutes)

You worry, I worry, everybody worries! When worrying takes over your life and prevents you from doing STUFF, it’s time to pull a switcheroo and fix it.   A few things you can do today: Stop Thinking Stop looking too far into the future. Do the best with what you have right now. Don’t worry about tomorrow, do your best… Read more →

motivation art quote - never give up!

Never Never Never Give Up.

You had a dream once but things didn’t go as planned. Life got in the way… Something always does.   You feel like a failure and want to quit completely, but I dare you to take another shot.   Never Give Up. It wasn’t supposed to be easy. Someone once said, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off… Read more →