977. Making Millions. The Climb to the Top.

The Climb To The Top

I was reading a book entitled “The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way To Wealth” by Robert G. Allen.

Robert explains in his book, that if you treat achieving a million dollars the same way you would climbing to the peak of a mountain, you are bound to have great success.

Others have done it before, and so can you!

Imagine that a friend tells you about a treasure chest waiting for you at the peak of a tall mountain. In this chest is a million dollars with your name on it!

What would you do?

At first, you would probably start running up the mountain at full speed. If you’re as out of shape as I am, you’d probably make it up 5 minutes to the base and then collapse (and possibly give up)!

So why do so many people take this same approach to achieving a million dollars in real life? They push really hard with the first idea that comes their way, they exhaust themselves, and they often give up.

There is another way…

To get to the top of the mountain you will need to educate, train, and condition yourself-prepare for the climb. The same rules apply to making a millions (or anything you want in life).

Once you are mentally prepared to take on the task of climbing the mountain, you are ready to take on the next sequence of logical steps.

  1. Pick a Path – There are many paths to the top of a mountain – some easier, some harder, but the reward is the same.
  2. Seek a Mentor – Good ones are hard to find. A good mentor will teach you the ropes. They make your journey to the top easier than if you attempt it with no experience.
  3. Organize a Team – A team of like minded individuals, with specific skill-sets to serve a common goal will make a tough climb easier and far more effective. A great team works together, shares the workload, and is essential to your overall climbing success.
  4. Develop a Burning Desire to Succeed – It will get uncomfortable, you will want to quit. Be willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the top. Regardless of the challenges that lay ahead (there will be many).

The quicker you assemble the above, the faster you will reach the peak of the mountain that holds your treasure.

The 4 Mountains of Wealth: Pick One & Start Climbing

Imagine 4 giant mountains you can choose to climb. At the top of each one, there is a million dollars waiting for you. Pick the one you feel most passionate about, and work your ass off to get to the top of it.

1. Real Estate – Owning Properties

2. Investments – Accumulating shares of stock, bonds, CDs

3. Business – Marketing products, services, or ideas

4. Internet – Expanding possibilities

Can you think of anyone you know who has climbed to the top of any of the mountains mentioned above? Seek them out and soak up their knowledge. Are they willing to mentor you?

Note: Books are also a great way of soaking up wisdom from people who have achieved what you want.

A funny thing happens when we humans see that something is possible. We quickly believe it, adapt, and achieve the impossible ourselves.

Spend some time getting to know some of the wealth building mountains above. Find a path that sparks your interest, and then begin your journey to the top.

When you get to the top, remember that one day you may in turn become the mentor of another dreamer.

Good luck on your journey!

  • http://www.sproutconfidence.com Ryan

    Hello Leo,
    These are excellent advice, some that I will add to my book of knowledge. I believe that consistency is the place. Take a piano student for example. If the person practices every single day for 10 minutes, in the long run they will be more dexterous and an overall better performer than someone who overworks and practices too much. Choosing the right path and sticking to the plan is best of all.
    Until then,

    • http://1000lifelessons.com Leo Tabibzadegan

      I’m so glad you found it helpful! I agree, consistency is where it’s at! I really need to develop more discipline and consistency in whatever I do, I guess it ties in with Integrity. All essential components to life as a whole!

  • Phyllis

    Fantastic and ageless stuff you have here. I am so happy for you to have found these great truths!

    • http://1000lifelessons.com Leo Tabibzadegan

      Thank you so much for the kind words Phyllis! I look forward to helping you out with some of your Webinar work! =)