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Everything's going to be OK

8 Ways to Overcome Self-Worth Issues and Reclaim Happiness.

Feeling lonely? Miserable? Depressed? Well let me tell you something buddy, you’re not alone. I can relate to how you feel (and think a lot of others can too). Now if you didn’t already know, I’ve been traveling the globe-soaking up knowledge, developing new life skills and working on some pretty fun stuff! and lately… I’ve been feeling PRETTY DAMN GOOD.   But… Read more →

976. Master Your Emotions

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Anthony (Tony) Robbins. Tony is a motivational speaker and life coach who does a lot of work to help improve lives around the globe. I have summarized a section from one of Tony’s most influential workshops (Get the Edge!) to help you master your emotions. Anytime you feel an emotion, use the information below to understand it,… Read more →