991. The Path of Least Resistance.

This morning I realized that kicking, screaming, and complaining about how much my life sucks isn’t going to help me reach my goals any faster.

If anything it will slow me down.

Like many people, I have visualized what my dream life looks like and have set a few goals to help achieve it and like many people I am not entirely there yet.

My dream is simple:

  • Create Freedom
  • Share It

I honestly believe that anything is possible, and that I will eventually get what I want.

So why am I still unhappy?

I’d like to blame it on my current life situation, but that would be far too easy.

The real reason is because I am resisting my current situation. I’m squirming around in my seat like an insecure little earth worm-getting nowhere fast.

I haven’t gathered up the courage to make a change or embrace the things that I am resisting right now. I just sit back and play the role of “the victim” instead.

By resisting an uncontrollable situation we only halt our own productivity. The less productive we are, the harder it is to achieve our dreams and goals in life. By taking the path of least resistance, and embracing what we are doing right now, we can move forward painlessly.

It takes a lot of courage to stop resisting what makes you miserable, but it’s worth it.

Today I tried accepting my life situation for what it is instead of resisting it and it felt great! It was like a sudden weight off my shoulders followed by a rush of happiness and purpose.

The feelings were momentary, but with some practice and a little patience I will eventually master the ability to create peace and happiness on demand.

A great skill to have for the long road ahead.