989. The Path of the Enlightened Warrior

The definition of a warrior is “a person who is engaged in, experienced in, or devoted to war”.

The enlightened warrior is aware that this is not at war with the world but rather the war to overcome himself and his ego. This is the path of the enlightened warrior.

He is the one who stands tall and engages in life fully with a heightened sense of awareness towards himself and his surroundings.

He understands that the path of life ahead is full of twists and turns that won’t always go according to plan, yet he stands strong with unconditional love and happiness in his heart throughout the whole journey.

He doesn’t blame anyone for anything, and he doesn’t play the role of the victim at any point in his life.

He takes nothing personally, and fully realizes that he creates his own world, regardless of external circumstances.

He faces his fears daily, because he understands that the only thing that prevents him from achieving peace in his world is the self defeating fear that casts its shadow over his path.

He is armed with a sword that is his word, which has the ability to destroy or create happiness in the lives of others. His arrow is compassion, towards himself and others. His shield is forgiveness, without it he would destroy himself.

The enlightened warrior is immune to all distractions the world throws his way (and they are plentiful). He relies purely on his instinct, his gut, and his heart.

He trusts himself fully, resulting in complete selflessness. His inspiration, motive, and intent comes from the highest realms of being,  he is not easily swayed or influenced by the minds of those around him (those consumed by fear and self defeating ego).

He is highly evolved, and so full of integrity and confidence that he holds nothing back, he gives everything he has to those in need without the need of acknowledgement or recompense.

He is completely transparent, open, trusting, compassionate and kind to all forms of life. Even those that wish him harm.

He is not bound by ego or limitation, and is a beacon of light for all of mankind. He stands for something good, far beyond the reach of fear and worry.

His payoff is Total Freedom.

Today I’m going to stop complaining about my current life situation and start being happy right now.  I will put my heart and soul into everything I do and push myself to the limit every single day regardless of external circumstances that happen around me.

This is the way of the warrior, not the victim.