972. Get Social. Embracing The Social Media Revolution


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3 Revolutions that have had a huge impact on our planet.

  1. The Renaissance Period
  2. The Industrial Revolution
  3. The Social Network
It took 38 years for Radio to reach 50 million users.

It took 15 years for Television to reach 50 million users.

It took 4 years for Internet to reach 50 million users.

It took 3 years for iPod to reach 50 million users.

It took less than 1 year for FACEBOOK to reach 100 million users.

Social Media is the perfect combination of science and relationships working in harmony. It is technology and networking… ON STEROIDS.

It’s more than just another status update.

Social Media is an extension of your soul. It amplifies whatever is inside you. If it’s good, people will notice. If it’s crap, people will notice.

Social Media creates transparency, so we can see, think, and feel for things as they are. Good or Bad. Who you are, and what you are really made of, is on the table for the world to see and judge for themselves.

Your values, your message, and your conduct, is now more important than it has ever been before. You now have the power to let your talent, light, and art, spread far and wide, without limitations, or filtration. If your message is good, it will be felt by millions. Nothing stands between you and the world.

You have a gift, will you share it?


The power of twitter

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 Embrace social media, and let your true colours shine!

A few helpful ways to use social media:

  • Establish brands and core values.
  • Showcase talents, interests, and art.
  • Listen to others.
  • Learn from others.
  • Build friendships across the globe.
  • Conduct live research.
  • Zoom into customer needs.
  • Strengthen customer service.
  • Share products or services.
  • Build a reputation.
  • Find a job.
  • Create a job.

Are you embracing the full potential of social media? Below are a few of my favourite social websites, to help get you started.


Like Music?

Check out 8tracks.com, join thousands of people who are uploading their favourite songs in the form of playlists that you can listen to streaming live from the web(customized internet radio). Like a playlist? Follow the author, and listen to more playlists they have created. Comment, share, and talk to the author about the mix they created. Got a few favourite songs you think people should hear? Create your own playlist and see how the world reacts to it. Long gone are the days where we would burn cd’s for people we cared about. Just create a playlist, and share it here.


Like Photos?

Check out pinterest.com, people are uploading their favourite pictures to this service from all around the web. Do you have a picture you think people will love? upload it here, and if it’s good, people will follow you. Seeing more of what you have to offer.

I’m obsessed with Instagram for the iPhone as well. Instagram is a community of like minded lovers of beauty, that share art & photos with other instagram users around the world. I’ve chatted with fashion designers, and world renowned photographers with instagram, it’s awesome! Photographers can use this to not only leverage and showcase the work they are doing, but also see how many people like the shots they take. Having troubles deciding which of your photos to go with for a project? Upload several shots, and let the community decide which ones they like the most. Then use the one with the most “likes” for your next project. It’s a fun way to micro test your work and get a feel for what the market really likes. Chat it up, and leave comments about work you like with anyone and everyone. You might even make a few friends along the way :)

If you’re an iPhone user, download Instagram right away and connect with me @1000lifelessons (it’s free)!


Like Writing?

Check out tumblr.com, people are posting stories, ideas, journal entries, and pretty much anything they desire (also known as blogging). Like any other social network, you can follow others, and have them follow you back. Social media allows you to leverage everything you do exponentially!


Avoid Speeding Tickets with Twitter.

Check out NanTraffic (City of Nanaimo Only). A community of people sharing information about speed traps, road blocks, and the lowest gas prices in the city of Nanaimo. Get text messages on your mobile device when something is spotted by the community.


Get a Job.

Re-think handing out resumes at the mall, instead check out Linkedin.com. Create a professional identity for yourself that demonstrate your core values and worth ethics, then connect with like minded people, build relationships, and get yourself a job! But not just any job, customize your searches based on what you are passionate about.

Note: Did you know over 80% of employers will scan the web to learn more about who you are before you even get into your first interview?


Create a Job.

Check out elance.com, the ultimate resource for free lance work. If you have a skill or a talent, pick the type of work you want to do (online), and get paid on your own terms. Don’t have a skill or talent? Learn one.

Note: Did you know students who participated in online courses often out perform traditional platforms? 



Love acting, directing, or making music? Test the YouTube waters (think Justin Bieber).

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Share video’s with the world.

Like a video? follow the creator, connect with them, build a relationship!

Market a Product or Service.

Checkout Facebook Ads, get your product or service noticed! Create an ad in less than 10 minutes, and have it showcased to anyone you can think of that would be interested in seeing your product or service. Ads cost as little as $1 or less (Compare that to traditional magazine, print, and TV advertising used during the industrial revolution). Retailers can also use Facebook ads to funnel fans and potential customers to retail stores by advertising online only deals.


And Much, Much, More…

We are only touching the tip of the iceberg here. The revolution has only just begun.

Want to learn more about social media and how it can help you or your business grow?

Click the image below to a sample of my personal online social media strategy for promoting 1000lifelessons.com

My Social Media Strategy

My Personal Online Social Media Strategy

Feel free to use any of the information you find here freely, you can also connect with me via Facebook, or Twitter @1000lifelessons if you have any questions or concerns about the above.

I feel really good about where technology is taking us as a society. If you feel the same way please share your comments below, and please don’t hesitate to connect with me (via any of the the social networks above). I’m always happy to answer any questions, or help out wherever I can. :)


Leo Tabibzadegan