A Single Man’s Marketing Plan

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but that’s hard to believe when you’re living in a desert surrounded by sand.

Finding the right person to share your life with can be quite the challenge these days…

So I’ve put together a quick and simple marketing plan for the single man (or woman), to help you navigate through tough times and rough waters.


Lets get drive right into it!


Step 1. Love & Value Yourself

Too often we seek a partner to fill a void inside. If you’re empty inside, you’ll suck the life right out of anyone who comes near you… nobody likes a mosquito.

So discover new ways to fill your own cup with life, purpose, and joy. Top yourself up and let yourself overflow into other peoples cups (including your potential future partner).

The best way I know how to do this is to open your mind, and soak up new knowledge everyday. Self improvement is key!

You can show love and value towards yourself by being kind to yourself, eating smart, exercising daily and educating yourself in the many layers of life (mind, body, spirit, and social).

By constantly improving and taking care of yourself, you ultimately radiate confidence, fullness, and a desire to contribute to the world.

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Now That’s Hot!


Step 2. Dream & Chase your Dreams

I use to think you had to be a big shot or make it to the top in order to get the girl. Turns out I was wrong…

You just need to find the courage to dream and pursue that dream, regardless of the circumstances, obstacles, and excuses, that will attempt to thwart your path.

If you don’t have a dream (or goal) you’ll stop growing and moving, resulting in a cup full of old, stale and stagnant life juice.

(It turns out that a cup filled with stale life juice is more of a repellant than an empty cup!)

So keep it fresh!

Dream often, stay focused, and don’t stop pursuing your dream!


Step 3. Leverage Community

Once you are overflowing with self-love and are pursuing your dreams, you may wish to join forces with a beautiful young soul on a similar journey.

This is where community plays a vital role in finding the right one.

A community can be any group, club, or organization, where people share similar characteristics, dreams, vision, or values (like lobster training for young professionals).

It’s within this community that you’ll meet and make friends with many interesting people whom will likely share a similar zest for life.


Great communities include:

  • Schools
  • Work
  • Online groups
  • Sports/Athletic clubs
  • Spiritual Communities (try different ones for a fun twist!)
  • Self-improvement/personal development workshops
  • Volunteer/Service opportunities


Poor community choices (in my opinion):

  • Bars/Night clubs
  • Anywhere you can’t communicate/show your true colours
  • Yoga (cuz’ ppl get pissed when you speak, lol)


The best communities to find a partner are the ones where you can work and communicate together (while actually contributing to society in some way, shape, or form). This allows you to see each others true character, nature, and values (which may be easy to miss otherwise).

You can also leverage your existing network/community of friends by having them introduce or refer you to someone else in their circle that might benefit from meeting you (or whom shares similar values as you).

Can you think of a few communities you could join tomorrow that would align with, or help you achieve your own dreams/goals?

If you can use the above steps as a basic guide or outline to find the perfect partner to join you on your epic journey, I can almost guarantee you’ll be ahead of the pack.



You attract what you are

So why not BE and AIM for the best!?

If the above doesn’t work out for you, worst case scenario, you achieve your dreams and are happy regardless. =)


Hope that helps!


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  • http://www.taniadakka.com Tania Dakka

    Love this post…so many dudes could use this. I hope you have an awesome year and that your marketing plan is successful:)

    • http://1000lifelessons.com Leo Tabibzadegan


      Thanks Tania! You always get me pumped up and feel good about writing, thanks for all the kind words and positivity!