Serve Others.

I wanted to share another inspiring video with you today. This video demonstrates how sometimes, if you think outside of yourself, the unimaginable becomes a possibility.

When we think outside of ourselves, opportunities pop-up all around us. If we combine this open mindedness with an attitude of “service”. Great things happen.

Here is an example of this principle in action. Click on the video below to watch!

Solar Bottle Lights:

This video is so inspiring, because it connects with what I believe is hardwired into our DNA. Our natural desire to “do good” and “serve others”.

When we adopt an attitude of service, it’s nearly impossible to NOT do good or excel in any aspect of our lives.

  • How can we “NOT” serve you better?
  • How can we “NOT” make this experience better for you?
  • How can we “NOT” help you solve these problems?

When we think outside of ourselves, and serve others, we can’t go wrong, we can only improve. This is the secret sauce for success & happiness in anything you choose to do in life.

  • Julie Cox

    You followed me and I am so honored! …and so I check your site.Awesome! I choose to comment on this blog not because I’m from the Philippines but because of the subject…’Serve Others’. This is the meaning of my existence.I am not just a ‘living breathing creature’in this planet,I am here to serve.
    Today,my heart whispered to visit a prisoner and it broke my heart to see a young man jailed for stealing a coconut tree so he can buy medicine for his child.He has been in local town jail for a month.
    I will do my very best to bail him out and give him a job at my resort.

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      I am honoured that you visited my site! I have a few friends from the Philippines and I hope I can visit one day (they tell me it’s beautiful!). I wish you the best of luck in bailing him out. Your actions reminds me of one of my favourite quotes: “The true measure of an individual is how he treats a person who can do him absolutely no good.” -Ann Landers. I wish you the very best!

  • Chidinma Josakweker

    aaawww… very creative, and very touching. this selfless duty to others is what i strive for in life.. :’)

    • Leo Tabibzadegan


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