Seeing the Positive in Humanity’s Most Negative Traits

It's important to see the positive in our most negative traits.


I found this hilarious post on reddit a few weeks ago where a user asked,


“What are some of your worst traits and how could they be seen as positive?”


The responses were hilarious, insightful and encouraging!

At one point or another we all beat our selves up about many of our perceived negative traits.. but are they really that bad?

Here are a few positive spins on what many of us find to be humanities most negative traits.


I’m really lazy…

Good news: No lazy person ever started a war.

You don’t waste energy!

“Choose a Lazy Person To Do a Hard Job Because That Person Will Find an Easy Way To Do It” – Bill Gates

I am not good at standing up for myself and I let people walk all over me especially the people that I love.

You’re very selfless and you put others before you, you’re most likely a very kind and generous person and so can be reliable and trustworthy.

I find it really hard to trust people in relationships. My brain just refuses.

You keep yourself safe from the people that you shouldn’t trust. (A.K.A everybody… lol)

Severe lack of impulse control

You will never die wondering “what if I’d been brave enough to try this??”

You won’t have a boring life.

I have an extremely addictive personality – I could turn brushing my teeth into a drug.

If you’re going to be addicted to something, it might as well be dental hygiene.

Wanna make out?

I hate everyone

You believe in equality! 

I fart a lot.

You’re a constant source of comedy.

Self doubt. I’m always 2nd guessing everything. Even the smallest failure eats me alive.

You want to make sure to do everything right! Just remember you gotta roll in shit a few times before you find a mud bath!

Cynicism. Literally anything I can find something bad about it. I work with a lot of idiots and have become pretty crusty over the years

By identifying the problems, you’re helping overcome them.

Means you’re a lot less gullible than most

I’m a compulsive liar

I don’t believe you.

I’m awkward in every social situation.

You make other people look suave as f*ck!

I have acne.

But you don’t have ebola!

(Or cancer!)

I get really anxious and I’m desperate for people to like me

Better than being desperate for people to hate you.

I refuse to get involved in a romantic relationship based on the fact that I cannot trust myself to be faithful.

So you dont want to hurt anyone that you could potentially get involved with. Thats pretty damn sensitive!

I can’t take criticism. I snap back a lot and get personal.

You’re self-aware of your ego and of yourself and don’t change for others

I’m really depressed and suffer from clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Because of these, I’m not only sad but also really afraid of pretty much everything and therefore not very much fun to be around.

You’re always in your head, you’re a thinker.

Your normal days will be the equivalent of great days, since you’ll be comparing them to depression. If you choose to develop it, you have a greater capacity to empathize with others in pain. As you learn skills to cope, you will in some ways be more resilient to emotional pain than the average person. You will experience an intensity of feeling that others do not, even if it’s often negative.

You have the raw material, in terms of harsh life experience, to say that you are grateful and appreciative of life and have that actually mean something beyond a vapid postcard.

Your happiness is not guaranteed or handed to you on a plate; you have the privilege and honor of building a meaningful life through long and arduous struggle. Your anxiety, while thrusting you into a world dominated by unfounded but powerful fears, is a cauldron for defiance. if courage means facing your fears, then you live in a target-rich environment. You are a gladiator, and anyone with a fighting spirit would be honored to be in your shoes if they only had the spine to survive more than a few days in them.

You will rarely have to worry about “fake” friends because the people that do stick around are tried and true – truely friends of a higher caliber.

You see the world in a way that few people can.

Painfully low self esteem (leading to crying sometimes and bulimia)

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from having low self esteem it’s that the people around you probably see you as a better person than you see yourself. Which is way better than thinking you’re better than you actually are.

You’re modest, and will accept others’ opinions and criticisms. You’re more likely to treat people with respect and kindness.

Lack of motivation, and a bit of a robot when it comes to showing my feelings.

You would make one hell of a politician, poker player, or news reporter.
Now…am I referring to the motivation or robotic feelings?

I procrastinate as much as possible

You find time to relax and pursue things you enjoy.

I have no ambition to do anything.

You would do well in the 90s!

Monks are impressed.

Lack of caring

Less funerals to attend

You’re care-free!

There you have it. A positive twist on our most negative traits. Keep this list handy the next time you beat yourself up about any of the above.
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