990. Quit Being a Victim

As victims, we believe that things happen to us. We pass the blame along for all that is wrong in our lives and the world around us.

We created elaborate stories, made loud noises, and gathered an audience to share our pain. People took notice to how wronged we were, and they too started to share the pain. We re-inforced each others beliefs and it felt great. It felt good to be right.

We played the role of the victim, and we played it well.

But little did we know… that by passing the blame along all these years, we also passed along a piece of our selves-our hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

The world soon had us in its grip.

Playing the Role of the Victim

When we play the role of the victim, we do the following:

  • Give our power away
  • Create hell for ourselves and others
  • Seek quick fixes and instant gratification

Playing the role of the victim is a great way to give our power away, destroy confidence, and create a whole lot of nothing in our lives.

As victims we live in a constant state of fear and misery. We focus on ourselves and no one else. We often complain about how, broke, and unhappy we are. We hate our jobs, destroy our relationships, and have no respect for our health, or the environment.

As victims, we live in a world of our own. It’s all about me, me, me.

A very lonely place to live.

Quitting the Role of the Victim

So now that we understand the implications of playing the victim role, how do we quit it?


We simply choose to take a new direction in life. One without limits or restrictions. One where anything is possible.

Once the decision has been made to make a change, we step away from the role of the victim and begin a new journey ahead. The path of the enlightened warrior.