Make Mistakes (Lots of Them)

We never do anything because we’re afraid it’s not going to be perfect. Make mistakes, and make them often. This is how we grow and this is how we evolve.   We’re Terrified of Making Mistakes! Instead of taking action… we sit back,  relax, and get comfortable within the fencing of familiarity (not to be mistaken with being content). We… Read more →

Risk vs. Reward

Risk vs. Reward by Dave Bocking For the last few years, I have been able to navigate through life with very little resistance. There are many contributing attitudes and perspectives that help day to day, but in those times of making very difficult decisions, I always weigh the (potential) RISK vs, (potential) REWARD. I will use a very straight forward… Read more →

Raise Your Standards

Get ready to get pumped! get motivated! and get inspired! In This Video: Tony Robbins (my hero!) shares some of his earth shattering insights on what it takes to be truly successful in 2012. By the end of this video, Tony will have you re-thinking your rituals. Raising your standards. And striving to be your best! Enjoy! Anthony Robbins –… Read more →

Serve Others.

I wanted to share another inspiring video with you today. This video demonstrates how sometimes, if you think outside of yourself, the unimaginable becomes a possibility. When we think outside of ourselves, opportunities pop-up all around us. If we combine this open mindedness with an attitude of “service”. Great things happen. Here is an example of this principle in action.… Read more →