Make Mistakes (Lots of Them)

Caution sign says OOPS!!

“Make Mistakes”

We never do anything because we’re afraid it’s not going to be perfect.

Make mistakes, and make them often.

This is how we grow and this is how we evolve.


We’re Terrified of Making Mistakes!

Instead of taking action… we sit back,  relax, and get comfortable within the fencing of familiarity (not to be mistaken with being content).

We often fool ourselves into thinking familiarity & comfort makes us happy. But It doesn’t. We just create the illusion that it does.

Unfortunately for us… all the juicy good stuff we hear about in the movies, like TRUE HAPPINESS, GROWTH, and PROSPERITY… Isn’t found within this illusion. It patiently waits for us just beyond the fencing of our comfort zones.

We literally need to hop the fence of familiarity if we want to feel any of the above.

Yup, fence hopping–a requirement for those seeking “true freedom”.



On Making Mistakes and the Illusion of Perfection…

My very wise college professor once told me something that would change my life forever.

He said,

“We human beings are mistake making machines! We constantly make mistakes so we can learn and grow from them. We use them to help align, propel, and navigate, through the fields of life. Without them we would get nowhere, FAST.”

Umm… Ok…

“What the heck does that even mean!?”

I asked politely…

He pat me on the back (and took a big bite out of the shiny red apple I gave him earlier that cold december morn) and said the following:

“You see, Leo… when you’re steering your car down the street… you aren’t driving in a perfect straight line. For if you did, you would most certainly CRASH.”

I nodded in agreement… (If I drive straight, and don’t turn, I die). Makes sense.

He continued…

“… instead of driving off the road, you correct your steering over and over again to avoid instant death without second guessing yourself. The correcting of a constant stream of errors or mistakes keeps you on track (and alive). You don’t kick yourself about it, feel bad, or NOT move because of it. You just drive.”

“Interesting…” I said (while taking a puff of my wise-man pipe).

… So why then, do we live our lives like it needs to be perfect in order to DO SOMETHING?


Are We Delusional!?

I’m starting to think… YES!

But thats ok… life is learning, growing and making mistakes. :)

When we give up the insane notion that things need to be perfect in order to get started, we free ourselves from our personal prisons. The result is the freedom to try something new (or anything at all).

“Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new”

~Albert Einstein

Create wonderful things, make mistakes, and grow.

We are MISTAKE MAKING MACHINES my friend. So make some more!

…and be content with that.