Great Ideas are Worth Nothing (Without Execution)

Child holding face screaming

Ideas Alone are Worth Nothing.

Ever wonder what your ideas are worth?

I do all the time.

And I’ll tell you right now,

Your idea alone is worth ZILCH!


…… NADA (I think that’s spanish for $0).


Your Ideas are Worth Nothing (Without Execution)

With execution comes real tangible value. The better your execution, the more your ideas will be worth.

You could be sitting on a $1 million dollar idea, but without taking action or executing on that idea, you materialize NOTHING.

You see my friend, “nothing” isn’t worth very much (at least the last time I checked).

Add to the mix the fact that EVERYBODY has ideas (including your goldfish). Makes it even less valuable.


But Don’t Lose Hope!

Instead, take advantage of the fact that very few people actually take action or execute upon their ideas.

Be the top 1% of people who understands the importance of taking action/executing and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

This is where the magic happens!

Ok… that sounds like a really cheesy motivational sales pitch.

That’s because… IT IS!

You see, I’m trying to sell you on EXECUTING vs. DOING NOTHING. Taking your ideas and moving forward with them.

Execution grows the value of your idea A LOT.

A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, A LOT (if that’s even possible).


Don’t Believe Me?

Then ask entrepreneur/author/my hero: Derek Sivers

In his new book (ANYTHING YOU WANT: 40 LESSONS FOR A NEW KIND OF ENTREPRENEUR) he dedicates a full page to showing us what our ideas without execution are really worth.

And it looks like this:

(click the cool image below to expand)

Graphical representation of what your ideas are worth without execution

What Ideas are Worth: Graphical Representation

Now, the book is surprisingly short (and sweet). So the fact that Derek even bothered to dedicate an entire page to this concept, makes it worth noting.

A great idea is worth next to nothing when it isn’t executed (or executed poorly).

So if you’re not a millionaire right now, don’t blame it on your idea. Instead ask your self the following question:

“Why am I not executing really, really, ridiculously well?


“What can I do to start executing like a champ!?”


The answer will thicken your wallet. GUARANTEED! (or your money back).

So the next time you have a great idea and do NOTHING about it. SLAP YOURSELF IN THE FACE (not too hard). And repeat the following out loud,



Take action like Jackie Chan:

Jackie Chan points and smiles

(he executes the crap out of stuff all the time and is super successful!)


And remember the following my dear friend:

Even a bad idea (with mediocre execution) will bring you great reward.

So get ‘er done!

ps. You don’t actually have to slap yourself. Just execute that damn idea!


  • JasonFonceca

    Fantastic, Leo! I love this post, and I’ve been there. I’ve had tons of ideas I didn’t execute, but I’ve also had tons that I have. Out of all those ideas I’ve purified and mastered my execution more and more, and the results are fantastic.

    Derek Sivers is an epic human being, and I’m glad you reference him.

    I also love the beautiful site design :)

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      That is awesome! Glad to hear you’ve mastered your execution, do you have any hacks or tricks that helped you more than others?

      ps. Thanks for the kind words about the site. Cheers! =)