988. Go Fly A Kite

Go fly a kite and still the mind

Go Fly A Kite - Photo by Leo Tabibzadegan

Stress is the result of external stimulus.

by Bryan Maine

The next time you’re feeling down and someone tells you to “Go fly a Kite”, instead of taking it as a threat, consider it as friendly advice.

Nothing makes stress disappear quicker than the simple things in life, like taking a long shower and feeling the water hit your skin. Little moments where we completely lose ourselves in the moment bring total calm and stillness to our lives by doing away with all the chatter that drains the mind.

I was reminded of this the other day, when flying a kite at the beach.  After assembling a kite I purchased from the dollar store, I prepared for flight. The weather was nice out but the wind was undecided- coming and going as it pleased.  With the string in my hand, I waited patiently for a gust of wind. As I felt the light breeze around me, I slowly released the string with a little tension to keep the kite afloat.

While flying the kite I was amazed to find how a simple goal like getting my cheap kite in the air, quickly dissolved all other thoughts and worries on my mind. I was completely present. It was like the only moment in time that existed was the now.  I felt myself smiling once I had reached the end of the spindle that my string was attached to.  I fully enjoyed the simplicity of a piece of coloured fabric floating high above. The entire world was tuned out at that moment and all I felt was satisfaction and content.

It’s the simple things that remind us the world can be hard, but it doesn’t always have to be.  Take those moments in your life to pause time and just BE for a while.  You’ll feel refreshed and happy you did.

Do you have any suggestions of simple things you do every day that give you a sense of Zen in an otherwise hectic day?

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  • Theo

    I like to take the time and fins something to appreciate about someone else and compliment them for it. It might be their hair style, the way they’re dressed, their smell, the sound of their voice… etc. A few of those a day and I feel present, energetic and otherwise great. And so do they!

    • http://1000lifelessons.com Leo Tabibzadegan

      That is a good one Theo! I never even thought about other human beings being a way to feel present-I’ve had a hard enough time trying to do it with nature. Going to have to step it up and work on that! :)