How to Get Out of a Slump and Get Motivated!

Quote that explains no matter how slow you go you are still lapping everybody

Get out of a slump. GET PUMPED!

Being in a slump sucks BIG TIME.

It takes a huge toll on our lives–starting small, and growing out of control!

If not dealt with it eventually leaves us paralyzed.


Little Tasks Pile Up…

And they seem HUUUUGE! The house is always a mess, and the laundry sits in a big STINKY pile.

Staring at you with those needy eyes, whimpering…

“cleeeeean meeee!”

It’s all so overwhelming… and annoying.

I know. I’ve been there.

You were once a passionate super hero, ready to take on the world!

…but now you feel reserved, overwhelmed, anti-social and prefer to hang out in crowds of one. The only things you want to surround yourself with is milk and chocolate chip cookies.

Raisins aren’t welcome… Ever.


This Slump is Affecting Your Life

Your work, your relationship, and your health are taking a hit. Something feels wrong deep inside, but you just can’t put a finger on it.




But you don’t know how…

I feel your pain my friend. I felt all of the above, until I learned what I’m about to share with you.


I Spotted A Few Things I Was Neglecting…

By taking care of the things I was neglecting in my life, I snapped right out of that slump!

Now I want to help you do the same.

So take comfort in knowing that you are not alone on this. The slumps gets the best of us of all at one point or another.

Now in just a moment, I’m going to share with you a strategy that really helped me get right out of that funk.


Great things happen when people get motivated and come alive! So grab a piece of paper and follow along closely

It’s about to get REAL!


Slump Crushing Technique #1 (the quick solution)


Here’s what I did:

  1. I bought a puppy
  2. Let it lick my face for 5 minutes a day (5 days a week)
Cute little black puppy lying on bed

Motivating Puppy

Problem solved, and the results were astonishing!

  • I was sooo happy!
  • I avoided years of therapy
  • I saved millions of dollars!


If a puppy licking your face doesn’t fix you… I don’t know what will.


kidding! (if only it were that easy)


Here’s what I actually did…

I free’d the puppy into the wild and focused on the following:


Slump Crushing Technique #2

(for real this time)

Inspired by an email from the master himself, Neil Strauss (Author of The Game)

I realized in order to get over this slump, I’d have to find balance in my life, and somehow include all of the following 5 categories into my daily routine (many of which I was neglecting–and you probably are too!).

Neglecting or skipping even 1 of these 5 categories would leave me drained of all my superpowers… it’s no wonder I was so miserable, the balance in my life was out of whack!

BALANCE my friend. That’s the secret.


The 5 key categories of a balanced life:

1) Work.

2) Physical. Sports, nutrition, etc.

3) Social. Community, friends, relationships, family.

4) Creativity/Education. Writing, making music, cooking, programming, taking classes, or learning another language.

5) Relaxation. Reading, watching tv, or starring at the wall contemplating life.


If you want to feel like a million bucks. Take care of all 5 of these categories. Don’t neglect ANY of them. Include ALL of them in your daily routine (no matter how small the routine).


Making a list and checking it twice

So I gathered all my tools (pen & paper), and wrote down all the categories above and stuck it to my computer–so I wouldn’t forget.

I promised myself I would include ALL 5 of the above in my daily routine–no matter what.


So I started writing everything I did that day down, and checked off the categories completed.

Here’s what I ended up with at the end of the day

(I’ll show you how I did this, step-by-step, in just a sec)…


My 5/5 day (completed):

1) Work. I wrote this post for a few hours (how to get out of a slump).

2) Physical. I went to the gym for 30 minutes (ended up texting most of the time… whatev.).

3) Social. I chatted up some babes on Facebook for 20 mins (…kidding! I actually skyped an old friend and chatted about life for 45 min).

4) Creativity/Education. I spent 30 minutes studying a typography book and then spent a few hours watching how-to videos on YouTube (learning some video editing stuff).

5) Relaxation. I played video games on my iPhone for 45 minutes (Infinity Blade… Amazing!).


Reflecting back on the day, it doesn’t seem like I got much accomplished… regardless of that, I managed to spend a little time on each and every one of the 5 of the categories (all in 1 day).

I felt motivated, and full of life! Like it was a GOOD DAY!

(something I hadn’t felt in a while…)



Now It’s Your Turn.

I know… you’re probably kicking and screaming right now… maybe even smashing your computer in a fit of rage.

I can picture it now…

“Dammit LEO! This is sooooo much hard! I don’t have time for this! i’m bussssy! I have a puppy to take care of! waaaaaaah!”

(insert angry pouty face here)


I know it’s going to take a little work, but it will be worth the effort in the end! I PROMISE. You and I, we’re going to take it slow. We’re going to work our way out of this slump together. One step at a time.


Now, off the top of your head, can you think of any of the categories (from above) that you may have been neglecting in your daily, weekly, or yearly life?


If the answer is yes, I challenge you to stop spinning your wheels and make a few small changes to help you gain some traction.


The process is simple,

1) Stop neglecting the categories above.


2) Start balancing them out.


Let’s take a closer look at how this might work for you.


Here’s what we’re going to do,

Grab a piece of paper and make a list of all the things you are already doing, have done, or want to do today.


For example:

  • Today I worked 8 hours (that counts as 1 of the 5 categories)
  • I watched TV or played XBOX (that counts as 2 of 5 … under the relaxation category)
  • I was on Facebook chatting up babes while reading this post (that counts as 3 of 5 …being social)


GREAT! We’re almost done! That wasn’t so hard was it?

My daily routine right now consists 3 of the 5 categories, cool…  so now what?

Well… we still need to do 5/5 things or it all falls apart, so lets continue growing our list.

We still need to do something Creative/Educational.

If you’re still reading this then I’ve got good news for you my friend, this is kind of educational…

so add,

Reading the “1000 life lessons blog”

to your list.

BAM! (4 out of 5 categories completed!)


Now we need to add something PHYSICAL to our list…


Do this now:

Walk outside for 30 minutes.

Too scared to go outside?

is it raining?


Walk around your room for 30 minutes.

-nobody is going to judge you (except maybe your cat).



5/5 things done for today. FEELS GOOOD HEY?


If you followed along this far, all you need to do now is repeat this everyday… if you do it for 30 days in a row it’ll become a habit! (don’t kick yourself if you forget, just start over, day by day).


Stick With It!

If you do this everyday you can kiss that slump good-bye because you’ll be stimulating all parts of your brain!

As time goes on, we’ll do bigger and better things with our lives (according to our own rules and capacities).

We’ll swap stuff in and out of our 5 categories, slowly eliminating things that don’t make us 100% happy, in a gradual, well-balanced and wholesome way.

Avoid EXTREMES completely for now because they almost always result in a crash and burn.

You may have a sudden burst of passion or urge to get creative for like 20 hours… CUT YOURSELF OFF after 2 hours and try and stick to the balanced 5 categories everyday.

As my homey Mother-Nature always says,

Organic, sustainable growth is key here.


Bonus Tips

Now, if you’re a regular human being working 8 hour days, you’ll need to avoid excuses and somehow find the time to balance/incorporate all 5 of the above categories into your daily life. So I’ve created a few sample schedules for you to use as a guide…


Here’s what my day might look like (if I worked 8 hours):

  • Work (9-5)
  • Physical (gym 30 minutes)
  • Social (dinner with family, friends, or spouse – 2 hrs)
  • Creativity or Education (painting 30 minutes)
  • Relaxation (watch a movie).


If I don’t work 8 hours, it might look like this:

  • Work – (4 hrs)
  • Physical – Hot Yoga (1 hr)
  • Creative – Photography (1hr)
  • Relax – Tanning (10min)
  • Social – Salsa Dance Fiesta (All Night Long Baby YEEEAH!).


Now, If you’re retired or not working (like me), you’ll have to find another way to equally distribute the 5 categories throughout the day–without skipping/neglecting any work (lame, I know).

We think,


That is a lie.


Work can be fun though, so don’t cry.

Also keep in mind you won’t have the luxury of having a boss/manager tell you what to do… so you’ll need to get disciplined and be your own boss and create meaningful work for yourself.


If you’re extremely rich (like me…), you’ll want to skip work altogether and lay on the beach all day. But remember this,

Skipping any 1 of the 5 categories above creates a downward spiral. You will slowly go insane in the membrane.


Write this down (it’s important):

NOT DOING MEANINGFUL WORK intensifies the imbalance which got us here in the first place and the slump will slowly take over your world.

(insert sad face here)


So if your not working right now… start working!


If you are thinking, what is meaningful work?

The answer is simple. It’s anything that you like to do that makes the world a better place.

-I should have been a life coach or something. I’m on a roll here!


Solve little problems and make the lives of the people around you better somehow and you’ll die happy my friend. Selfishness = misery. Happiness comes through giving and serving the world around you.


So start small and work your way up to doing something crazy cool–like solving world hunger, or building a centre for kids who can’t read good.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something.


Additional Challenges You May Face…

Some people give themselves strange limiting labels and beliefs like…

“I’m not creative!”


“I’m not smart enough! waaaaaah!”

De-label yourself right meow.


The 5 categories above can be used by any and all sentient beings (no excuses).

If you orbit around a sun, and have a heart beat, you can do all 5.



You can do anything and everything imaginable if you spend enough time on it.


If you really can’t figure out what to do for a category, eg. Creativity/Education

I implore you to ask yourself the following question…

What am I into?

…Music? (who doesn’t like music)


Create something musical then.

Don’t just listen to music (that would be relaxation)… instead, create something.

Bang pots and pans together if you have to…I don’t care. Just hit something that makes a sound for 30 minutes. In time you may turn out like this guy…

(just try and make it sound suave if you can, so your neighbours don’t totally freak out and call the cops).



The creativity category isn’t about having the #1 song on iTunes, or creating the next Mona Lisa. It’s about stimulating your brain and developing habits that will help get you out of that slump you’re in.

The product/outcome doesn’t matter.

Having discipline and integrity does.


More Obstacles? No Problem.

Ok so lets say you’re in the 1% of people in the world who doesn’t like music and you’re not able to hit pots and pans together (because you don’t have arms).

Don’t give up just yet. there is still hope!

Do this now, my non-creative friend…

Open YouTube, and search “How to make oragami “. Watch a tutorial, and follow along.

You can’t make an excuse for this one… everyone has a piece of paper and the Interweb.

Here I’ll even include a link for your first masterpiece,

Ok… this might not work for those of you without arms, but do you get the point I’m trying to make?



Stop making excuses. This is the year that excuses go out of style.

Now… another category people often neglect, and have troubles with is the physical category.


Remember this:

You aren’t training for the olympics, just go for a damn walk and get it over with.

Can’t walk you say?

Ok… wheel chair it up then!

I don’t care, just shake something for 30 minutes. You’ll feel great after, I promise. :)

ps. you get bonus points if you load up your iPhone or whatever highly advanced piece of equipment you have that lets you listen to music while you get physical. Preferably filled with new music. New is always good.

What? You don’t know how to load music onto an iPhone?


We now have an opportunity to spend some time in the educational category of your life.

Spend 30 minutes on google learning how to do it. You’ve got 30 whole minutes to waste in this category. So take your time! :)

ps. Remember nobody gets to judge how you manage your 5 categories (including yourself).

pss. Judging goes out of style in this year as well!


1 Week Later: Life After A Slump

Do you feel that?


You made it a full week (doing 5/5 of the above categories everyday–or at least did your best).

CONGRATULATIONS! Your brain is stimulated. Your soul is satisfied and YOU FEEL GREAT!

Let’s keep the momentum going, maybe it’s time to switch things up a bit?

Try swapping the xbox out for a hot yoga session for relaxation.

Or swap out the Facebook and invite some friends over for dinner (you can even invite that babe you were chatting up on Facebook earlier-she’ll probably say yes ’cause you reek of positive energy right now).

helpful hint: you can use YouTube to discover a cool new recipe and get crazy with it (don’t forget to check it off your list as Education).

Swap out the origami if you found it too hard (I did), and maybe start taking some photos with your brand new iPhone? See if you can sneak up on your pet and and snap a photo of it before it realizes you were there (ninja style!)



Nobody is going to judge you for what you choose to do with your life (except maybe your parents, friends, teachers, and everyone else that suffers from the slumps). But forget them for now.

It’s your life my friend. You deserve great things, and your responsible for your own happiness.


Now That the Slump is Gone…

Bookmark this page or subscribe to my email list. One day you may forget the above and will need a reminder…


Share your new found success and knowledge with friends and strangers, help them beat their slump too. Mentor them, cradle them in your arms like a little wet puppy, and love them unconditionally.

Most importantly, enjoy the journey amigo.

and remember,

“If things were perfect. They wouldn’t be.”

-Yogi Berra

Good luck!

Pls. share this post if you found it helpful!

  • Crystal_white_20

    this is awesome! I found myself reading and laughing as I continued to read on…. I was thinking this is a great tool for people! Props to you for the inspiring way to help people!

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      Thank you! I’m glad you found it funny! Sometimes this kind of material can get a little dry, so it’s nice to change it up a bit with a little humour. Thank you for reading! :)

  • Nomadic Samuel

    This is just the post I needed to read today. I’ve found lately I haven’t had enough balance in my life and that certain areas have been neglected (especially my health an fitness). I’m planning to immediately start eating healthier and get on a serious fitness regimentation.

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      Good for you! It’s funny how each one of us has a different strength… something we excel at (without having to think twice about it) yet we struggle in other areas. I take comfort in knowing we all have 1 or 2 things we need to focus more on, and that no one is perfect! :) If you need any help with any workout routines or tips feel free to email me anytime! (leo (at)

  • DH Mouna

    Thank u for thiss <3

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      I got your back!

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      Always a pleasure! :)

  • Reema Hibrawi

    Love this post! I was cracking up several times! Sorry co-workers. That was educational and fun. Check! Definitely sharing this around. Quirky humor must be read.

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      Lol I’m glad you likey. :)

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      3 months later i’m going through my comments, and I see this one. THANK YOU!

      I cleaned this post up a little bit, got rid of some formatting issues, so future generations can enjoy :)

      Thanks again!

  • Joser

    Just what I needed to read on a morning where I asked myself (and Google) “How am I going to get out of this slump? What am I missing in my life that I feel this way?” This article was the first thing that popped up that caught my eye and now I have a simple and realistic road-map to happiness! Thank you for sharing and making it fun. Day 1: Creativity / Educational complete. Now…off to the gym I go. I feel good already! :)

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      I’m so happy it gave you a little pep in your daily step! I’m starting to discover there is more to it than the main points outlined in this post… On the surface the above really works. But there is something deeper at the heart of it all… the mysterious LIFE JUICE. I’ll be writing more about it as I learn more about it :) Stay Tuned!

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      Your a boss! I’d love to hear if you’ve been sticking to your routine 3 months later?

  • word dream mystic

    good advice

  • word dream mystic

    Excellent post!.. love it

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      Thank you for reading! :)

  • Diane

    Check this article out – I think he makes a variety good point about how to create balance. He also shows us how to “dumb it down”, so to speak. Reduce the categories to small, do-able steps, that one can build on.

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      Sounds perfect, but where is the link home girl!? :)

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      Why nope!?

      Did you try the puppy licking the face? I swear by that!

  • Keith

    you’re funny bro just what i needed thanks again !!!!!

  • Sue Channing

    This is amazing! Where does housework come into this? It’s a really important part of the mess that is my life at the mo… can I include it in the work section?

    • Sue Channing

      Just saying, because it’s not exactly making the world a better place… although in a way it is…

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      I need to write a post about the ZEN of house work. It’s the ultimate whenever you’re in a crappy mood or life seems messy. Add the highest priority to that, I love it! :)

      • Sue Channing

        Thank-you Leo… feeling so much better after Day 1… and, having had “issues” –hahaha– with housework all my adult life, I feel doubly grateful … bless you :)