Going from Good, to GREAT! (Becoming Super Human)

Quote on Greatness

What it takes to be great.

I dedicate this post to Average Joe.

My hope is that by the end of this post, Joe will have a better understanding of what it takes to be GREAT.

He will become great, and will inspire others to find the path to greatness as well.

Here goes…


Greatness Can Be Yours…

It’s not something you’re born with. It’s within the reach of every human being on this tiny pale blue dot we call earth.
It can be learned, and must be developed.

By examining greatness in others, we can start to develop greatness in our own lives.
But first, we must ask the question…


Why Be Great? Why Not!

The truth is… greatness isn’t much harder to achieve than GOOD, or average. With a little clarity and focus, we can go from good to GREAT (and excel as human beings) in no time!

So the real question is, why the heck not?

“Do not trust people. They are capable of greatness.”

-Stanislaw Lem

Lets get to it…


The Path to Greatness Starts With The Following…


1) Humility

Great people are humble yet possess a burning desire to succeed.

This “success” is not personal, rather it’s defined by creating something that is greater than themselves, something that will echo through the ages.

Yup… GREAT people are SELFLESS.

If you ask them about their successes, they’ll tell you, their success is not their own. If you ask them how they did what they did, they’ll almost always point the finger at some external source of inspiration.

Selfish people take pride in their accomplishments while great people, praise others, and often refer to themselves as “Lucky”.


2) Honesty

Great people confront reality and the brutal facts of life. It’s easy to turn down the volume of our inner voice, and turn our backs on the things we know aren’t good or right for us. Greatness comes from having a heightened sense of honesty, with yourself and your surroundings.

Great people are able to maintain their vision. They see things for what they are, they adapt, and grow.

Here is an example of an honest conversation with oneself looks like:




There is a certain level of integrity and honesty that just can’t be found in the average or “just good enough” people. They have excuses for everything.

“Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues”


Without it honesty… EVERYTHING FALLS APART. If not now, eventually.

Be honest with yourself, and don’t comprimise for anything less. This an essential step on your journey to greatness.
Once you really understand humility & honesty, you can move into the next phase.


The 3 Simple Steps to Achieving Greatness:

Ask yourself the following: 

1) What you are passionate about?

2) What is valuable to others?

3) What can you be the best in the world at?


The answer to the above will be your foundation for building something great. Once you’re clear about his, you can work day and night to build it up.

Simple right? ;)

Getting clear about these 3 steps will set you apart from all the good/average people who are just maintaining.


Additional Keys to Success…

It will take discipline. You must be able to say NO to all the wrong things, and YES to all the right things. You must also be able to adapt and endure to the ever-changing universe.

Society and technology are ever-changing. Great people realize that this constant change is just an extension of their deepest core values and passions, not the reason for their existence or successes. Getting the latest tech, gadgets, or chasing the next big wave or trend will not make you great, it’ll just help amplify what is already in you.

In the corporate world, companies that depend on technologies to fulfill their purpose/passion without being clear about what their purpose really is, suffer from mediocrity. They also have a lifecycle as long as the next technological advancement (FAIL).

Finally, achieving greatness takes constant, steady, work–rather than quick acceleration.

By following the steps and tips above you can achieve GREATNESS–It’s just a matter of time if you stick with it.

Now here is an inspirational video from someone who has achieved A LOT of GREATNESS, someone we can all learn from.



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