994. Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

In its purest form, this is the secret behind maintaining a healthy weight.

I wish someone would have taught me this simple principle in school (I can only imagine how much money I would have saved on health magazines and endless hours at the gym).

Increasing plant and vegetable intake can be a huge challenge for most people (especially when you are always on the go).

So here is a quick tip to get you started:

Consume 1 bowl of veggies in 1 day (Add this to your existing eating routine and repeat everyday).

  • Chop up some broccoli, baby carrots, celery, cucumber, and red peppers into bite sized portions.
  • Throw it all in a Ziploc bag or container.
  • Nibble away at the mix through-out the day (it goes where you go).
  • Finish the bag of veggies by the end of the day and you are good to go!

Note: you don’t need any fancy dressing or cooking techniques for this, just cut and go. The beauty behind this is that you will naturally develop a taste for the vibrant delicious tastes of the raw vegetables in its purest form.

This alone may not help you look like Brad Pitt, but it will help you NOT look like the Marshmallow Man (or woman).

This principle was introduced to me in “The Ultra Mind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First”  by Mark Hyman M.D.

A life changing read.