Don’t Resist. Just Go With It…

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Go With The Flow

Don’t resist. Just go with it…

by David Bocking

Don’t resist, that’s a big one to remember if you want to be happy in this life.¬†Going with the grain, wu-wei (non-action), the essence of Tao… it’s been said many times in many different ways.

For me, it’s been very difficult to learn how to trust this rule.

Many tricky situations have passed me by which I would normally take action against or react to.

It’s been amazing to see that with just letting things be the way they are, everything almost naturally gets sorted out with almost no effort on my end at all.

And that’s not meant to sound like laziness.

When I say “no effort”, I mean no effort in manipulating a situation to go in a different direction.

It’s definitely not easy to resist fighting against something, especially when it feels unjust, but after those times when I’ve been able to do so, I never regret it. In fact, things usually end up much better than I would have ever hoped in the first place.

Just as Eckhart Tolle says,

“War is a mind set”

…when you resist anything, whether it be mentally or through outward action, you actually give in to it and ultimately make your situation worse.

It is not a perfect science and I will no doubt have many times in the future where I don’t follow this incredibly valuable rule, but to just have awareness of it’s power is what I hope to hold on to by writing this down.

When discussing Tao, Alan Watts (and many others before him) compares this mentality to swimming in a current.

You can try and swim against the current, but regardless of how hard you try, you will end up in the exact same place, only much worse off because of all the energy you exerted trying to fight it.

Check out the Alan Watts book here, if you want to learn more!