998. Remember The Child Within.

Remember the child within

The Inner Child

It is in our nature to expand our hearts and minds through growth and change. But the moment we settle for something comfortable and familiar, we lose the game of life.

We can learn a lot from children in this respect.

Children dream big and embark on bold new adventures each day. They scream with passion, life, and joy. Thoughts of pain, suffering, and failure don’t exist in the child’s mind. They embraces the limitless possibilities ahead-completely carefree. Nothing can get in the way of children and their dreams, except for maybe one thing…

As children grow older, they start to live the life  society as a whole leads them to believe is correct. The inner child gets lost beneath the many layers of noise created by the world. They soon forget how to take risks and boldly go where no one has gone before, eventually becoming the image of everyone’s expectations.

As adults we blindly follow other peoples  rules, regulations, expectations, lifestyle choices, and beliefs. We lose the zest of life and freedom that we once had as children. We think too much and start to create all sorts of excuses to keep us exactly where we are. We become ridged, grumpy, and stuck in our ways. This lack of movement takes its toll and eventually destroys us.

Remember the child within and live life to its fullest, the way you were born to live.

  • http://aks-blog.com Ashvini Saxena

    Hi Leo,
    I feel the same way that you have put in your post. A child is symbolism of chaos, uncontrolled creativity. By reigning it down in our later years, we become more like machines.

    It should be our endeavour to keep the innocence alive .
    Thanks for sharing.

    • http://1000lifelessons.com Leo Tabibzadegan

      Thanks for reading Ashvini, well said!