986. Breakup with your Mobile Device (Finger Prison)

Breakup with your mobile device/finger prison for a day and give life your full attention. The results will be astonishing!

Somehow these little devices took over the world and now It’s time to reassess who is in charge.

Finger prisons have created a culture of finger Zombies in the world.

  • Texting while driving or standing in line at Starbucks.
  • Texting while having important conversations with friends or family.
  • Texting during Transformers 3! (This is when you know it’s a problem)

Distracted by the latest bright lights and beeping sounds. We can’t even enjoy a night out on the town without texting. Surrounded by music, friends, and life all around.

We just can’t disconnect.

I miss the good old days (the pre-finger prison era). A time when people would connect with each other in a very loving and real way.

Without distractions. 100% present with whomever they spent time with.

We owe it to ourselves and the people around us to breakup with our finger prisons for a day. To help remind us that these little devices do not control us. To revive the relationships we once had with our fellow human beings.

One day off… to give life the full attention it deserves.

We forgot how to live, and how to be content.

Forget your finger prison at home for a day and live life to the fullest. Free from all distractions and full of focus.

I would love to hear about how your breakup goes. Feel free to comment below :)