Beat Procrastination and Get Stuff Done! (In less than 10 mins)

Procrastination Sign

If you’re like me, you probably avoid doing stuff all day long.

Your friends and family probably hate you for it, but whatev. They just don’t get us!


And I’m going to show you my #1 secret on how to beat procrastination and get stuff done!


Beat Procrastination: Here’s How…

The secret to overcoming procrastination and avoidance is to chunk down your big scary tasks into tiny little ones.

Discipline yourself to sit in front of that tiny little task for 10 minutes a day (use a stop watch or your iPhone).

Do this everyday (regardless of the excuses your brain comes up with) and I guarantee that you’ll get sooo bored, you’ll actually start to do stuff!

Once you get into the habit of doing this 10 minutes¬†a day, you’ll have no problem upping it to 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or even 31 WHOLE¬†MINUTES!


If you can do this, you can do anything. :)


ps. Nope, you can’t use Facebook or even listen to music during the 10 minute countdown (laaaame, I know).

Give it a try!


Here’s live footage of how it works in action.


  • Tania Dakka

    Haha! I LOVE your timer chunking! Makes developing discipline achievable. Way to go!

    Someone recently showed me how to “Quilt Time”. So I can get things done even if I have only a small amount of time. The mindset that you don’t have to FINISH in the first sitting was alien to me, but I’m getting used to it. I may have to add the timer technique to the Time Quilt. :)


    That is a CRAZY fish tank!!

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      That makes sense! I’m going to have to try the “Time Quit” technique!

      ps. piranhas!!