The Absolute Basic Supplements You Need (To Feel Good)

Basic supplements I take everyday

My Basic Supplements

When it comes to supplements, I often ask myself….

“What is the absolute minimum I need to feel good!?”

There are soooo many vitamin and mineral choices out there it’s scary. Too many options, confusing names, and symbols, makes Leo feel craaazy! :P

Luckily I read this amazing book called the UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First, which made it easy to find out what the bare minimum is we need to feel good.

The book simply states that most of the problems we have today, stems from malnutrition. The book explains that our brains are broken because we haven’t been supplying it with the good stuff it needs to thrive.

(Who would have thought those delicious cheese burritos didn’t have the essential vitamins we need to thrive!)

So what I’ve done here (to save you a million hours reading the book), is give you a quick list of the bare essential supplements you and I need in order to maintain a healthy mind and body.


Do you feel any of the following?

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • De-motivated
  • Lack of engagement in life
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Crappy memory
  • Feel like poop

If yes. You may be suffering from malnutrition (yup, a broken brain!). If any of the above describes you, consider stoping everything you are doing at once. Grab your cash, credit card, or coupons, and head down to your local health food store to pickup the following basic supplements.

These are the bare essentials you’ll need to feel good. This will not however, fix you completely. You’ll still need to exercise, eat vegetables, and drink water if you want to feel great.


Lets Get Started

Write down the following items on your arm (or print this), and head to any store that sells vitamins (i’d probably skip Walmart though, it’s sometimes better to speak to someone who doesn’t also work in the shoe department when it comes to your health).

Note: I also added a couple of other mood boosting kits to save you from going insane.


Basic Supplement Kit:

These are the absolute basics you’ll need for your mind and body to function properly. If you’re on a budget or get a monthly allowance from Ma or Pa, use it on this kit!

  • Multivitamins – Helps the biochemical reactions in your brain and body run smoothly.
  • Calcium/Magnesium – Calms and ensures optimal nervous system function. Relaxes muscles and nerves, improves your sleep, and reduces the effects of stress.
  • Vitamin D3 – Boosts mood and memory; enhances the brain and heart function, supports bone strength and healthy immune cell function.
  • Methylation support (B-Complex Vitamins) – B6, B12 and Folic Acid, Essential for making neurotransmitters, which help you focus, remember, and feel happy. Also detoxifies.
  • Omega-3 Fats – Helps build healthy brain cells, promotes memory, focus, and mood, and supports cardiovascular and immune system function.
  • Probiotics – Supports the intestinal lining and promotes gut-brain synergy.

And that is it! That covers the basics of what you need to feel good. Now if you’re a spoil little rich kid, you might want to invest in the following additional kits…


Serotonin Booster Kit:

Serotonin is responsible for a happy mood. Too little may lead to low mood, anxiety, irritability, trouble sleeping, and even food cravings.

The following, supplements will renew serotonin levels naturally:

  • 5-HTP
  • Melatonin


Dopamine Support Kit:

This is for the pleasure and reward feelings inside you. Responsible for your attention and focus. Also helps motivate and stimulates you to engage in life and FEEL GOOD!

  • L-Tyrosine
  • DL-Phenylalanine


Helpful Hints:

  • Because there are so many damn pills to take in a day, I recommend investing in one of those pill holder thingies as seen in the picture above.
  • Timing is key when taking the pills. Don’t take them all at once (or you’ll piss away your money). Read the specific instructions on each bottle (it tells you how many pills to take and how often).
  • Don’t take melatonin in the morning… I fell asleep like 30 minutes after taking it… lol.

And there you have it. Take care of the above and you should feel great in no time! I hope this list helps get you back on track and in better mental health. Perhaps one day we’ll have a kit for sale (that includes all of the above) labeled: “EAT THIS TO FEEL GOOD.”

Wouldn’t that be nice?


  • Kas

    That’s so helpful thanks Leo ;)

    • Leo Tabibzadegan

      Anytime my friend! :)

  • Leo Tabibzadegan

    I had troubles finding the Seratonin and Dopamine boosters at the local grocery store. Anyone else have any luck finding them? Let me know and i’ll buy it ASAP :)

  • Dennis Blair

    I actually use the vitamin D3 they are very effective.What supplements should be taken if facing paranoia ?